Here’s where I post some news stories, how-to video to help you with shopping and surviving special occasions…and just some info that I find interesting about food coloring!


Watch our own video showing how we set up a Science Night presentation at our elementary school!


Six year olds learn to identify and avoid additives at school program – Results of 2-week elimination:


Feingold Association’s very brief, easy video on how to shop for additive-free versions of your favorite foods:

How to shop additive-free, Part 1


How to shop additive-free, Part 2


“Best Halloween Ever” from a mom of a dye-sensitive kid:


News report on the effects of Red 40 dye, showing 4-yr old “under the influence”



Newscaster’s own story of daughter’s dye sensitivity, in two parts:



Video Showing How Color Affects Perception Of Taste –



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