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Want healthier food choices for your family? Your community? Your country?  Keep reading…

Demand Dye-Free Choices For Children’s Healthcare Products!  Dyes in ADHD, allergy, pain, & cold meds?  Sign my petition!

How To Adopt A Food Manufacturer…#DitchTheDyes Campaign  Easy steps for applying economic pressure with Twitter.

“This is me on food dye!” t-shirt  Designed by children’s book illustrator, Shiela Aldridge, this shirt will speak for your kid when you can’t!

Artificially Rose-Colored Glasses:  Why Does The U.S. Still Use Petroleum Food Dyes?  Big Food is cheating on us with Europe.

Our Cookie Conundrum:  How We Support Scout Values Without Sacrificing Our Own  It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!

Science Is Awesome  Tips for hosting your own school presentation on food ingredient labels…VIDEO included!

Exciting News!  “Die, Food Dye!” Is Spreading Awareness Through BlogHer!  Die, Food Dye! blazes a trail through syndicated country…


  Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground. 


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