12 Signs Your Family Has Food Coloring Sensitivity

If you’ve ever wondered if food coloring affects your family’s health or behavior, check out my short list of symptoms that follows.  This is not the total list of all symptoms that arise with the ingestion of food dyes, but it’s a collection of the most common problems I’ve seen. Unfortunately, there is no allergy […]

10 Places Petroleum Food Dyes Hide In Your Home

Spring is the time when we get that proverbial fire lit under us to organize, rearrange, and deep clean our lives.  Too bad that I totally missed it.  I put it off until it could only be referred to as ‘Summer Shoveling’.  And now my newly uncluttered mind is meditating on ways that the average […]

Devil In The Details – Read Your Labels When Shopping For Dye-Free Foods

Petroleum food coloring can be found in some innocent enough sounding products, especially food marketed to children.  You’ll see FD&C dyes in temporary tattoos (if you like your crazies in timed-release form), ice creams, sports drinks and sodas, popsicles, yogurts, frosting, macaroni and cheese, chocolate syrup, cinnamon rolls, potato chips, pickles, hand sanitizer gels, chewing […]

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