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“This is me/This is me on food dye!” shirt

Let this “Die, Food Dye!” shirt speak for your kid at school, camps, and Grandma’s house when you can’t be there.



This Anvil white ring-spun cotton shirt will spread awareness of food dye allergies with straight-to-the-point precision and a shot of humor.

Don’t miss this original Sheila Aldridge design!  Sheila took all my crazy ideas and put them together in a way that parents will love.  I love the way the kid’s arm is breaking through the frame in the second picture.  The universal symbol of food dye crazies, for most parents, is the “blue tongue of dread” (to be read in an Eddie Izzard “Pond Of Death” type accent). Sheila, with her expert knowledge, wisely chose the blue rather than red or yellow.  The reason being that 1) healthy food is never neon blue, and that 2) red and yellow read as either blood or other bodily fluids…and this is a shirt we want our kids to wear in peace (no fewer pee-pee jokes from the gang).  The back of the shirt has the DFD logo and the web site address.

Why did I do this?  I needed a straightforward way to communicate to the adults in my child’s life – grandparents, aunts, uncles, summer camp directors, teachers, etc. – that my child cannot be given synthetic food coloring.  Just as I had a hard time finding personal stories and interviews with children about struggles with food dyes, when I couldn’t find what I wanted – I created it.  My goal is to normalize this health, learning, and behavioral issue in the conscience of the American public.

Available in toddler, youth, and adult sizes.  Toddler sizes are made of organic cotton. The adult sizes sport easy tear-away tags for non-itchy convenience!

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Copyright Sheila Aldridge – All Rights Reserved. Do not reprint design without written permission.

Sizing in inches, lying flat:

Adult Medium
20″ armpit to armpit
29″ shoulder to bottom hem

Adult Large
21.25″ armpit to armpit
28.50″ shoulder to bottom hem

Adult XL
23″ armpit to armpit
31″ shoulder to bottom hem

Youth Large
18.5″ armpit to armpit
23.75″ shoulder to bottom hem

Youth XL
19″ armpit to armpit
25.5″ shoulder to bottom hem

2T (organic)
12″ armpit to armpit
15″ shoulder to bottom hem

3T (organic)
13″ armpit to armpit
15.5″ shoulder to bottom hem

9.99 Child

9.99 Adult

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