Share Your Personal Food Coloring Sensitivity Story!

Would you like to help other families by telling your dye sensitivity story to the world?

One thing that was sorely lacking from the web when I started researching the idea of this blog was personal stories.  I was desperate for answers and camaraderie.  I love reading others’ stories, because each person has something valuable to share – a new perspective, a unique journey, or a smart solution. 

Check out these thought-provoking guest posts:  Jen B. figured out how smart her son’s body was to reject petrol dyes; Heather B. has raised an awesome dye-aware teen;  Steph E.’s story of how her sweet toddler changed while under the influence of dyes is so familiar to many; Kelly C.’s experience with a seemingly minuscule amount of dyes set her on a path, and changed her son’s world; Michele M. struggled with Kindergarten notes, calls, and visits to the principal’s office until a dye-free diet helped her child succeed.  Robin J. shared her story from her home in Thailand, about one son’s facial swelling and her other son’s seizures; Abby E. wants to change the world, one family at a time; Erin D. trusted her instincts after going through allergy testing and receiving little help; And Stacy L. talked about that moment in public when your child’s food reactions cause bizarre behavior.

We’re building a supportive community here at DFD – a place where folks can come to learn, discuss, relate, and help one another.  I believe we can change the US food system, one story at a time.

There are no rules for personal story submissions.  Spill the beans in as long or short a post as you need.  I can split extra long posts into two parts, if necessary.  Please include a 2-3 sentence introduction about yourself (where you live, how many kids, work, favorite hobbies and interests, etc.), any images you’d like included, and a final title for your piece.  Spell-checking is advised, but I will try to catch anything before publishing.  I’ll contact you prior to rearranging any parts of your post for better flow and ease of reading. I will enthusiastically promote your post on the DFD Facebook page and on Twitter.

E-mail your submissions to admin[at]diefooddye[dot]com any old time. 

Thank you!

The Small print:  Please – I am only seeking true first-hand accounts of real life experiences.  This is not intended for writers who wish to pitch ideas and bid for a research gig.  I can do that myself – for now!  Thanks for understanding.

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