Eleven Fresh Fruit Snack Ideas

1.  With wooden picks or fondue forks, spear berries, melon balls, pineapple and banana chunks along with squares of Publix Bakery Crème Cake to dip into melted chocolate or fudge sauce.

2.  Make fruit kabobs. Onto bamboo sticks, slide bite-size fruits to dunk into flavored yogurt or cream cheese dip.

3.  Add fresh, frozen or dried fruits to muffins, such as raisins, dates, apricots, raspberries, blueberries and cinnamon-dusted apples.

4.  Fold fresh, frozen or canned fruits into a mixture of cream cheese and whipped cream to freeze and slice for salad or dessert squares.

5.  Freeze seedless grapes for a refreshing, icy snack. Dip apple wedges into peanut butter or caramel sauce.

6.  Substitute fruit juice for water when making gelatin desserts or salads. Gel slightly before folding in canned fruit.

7.  Make fruit dip by blending equal parts of Publix Fat-Free Light Lemon Chiffon Yogurt and whipped cream to dip fresh strawberries or peeled orange slices.

8.  Make energizing smoothies by blending yogurt and fruit juice with frozen berries, peaches and bananas. Mix fruit with milk and frozen yogurt or ice cream for flavorful milkshakes.

9.  Create luscious trifles and parfaits by alternating layers of fruit, pudding or yogurt, and ladyfingers or pound cake.

10. Bake individual or family-size fruit cobbler – berry, peach, plum, apple – crowned with golden biscuits and topped with whipped cream.

11. Make fruit crisps sprinkled with streusel-crumbs. Weave prepared pastry dough over fruit for deep-dish pies.

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