Guest Blogger Stories!

Personal stories of life before and after synthetic food coloring can really speak to parents.  If you would like to share your story, read this.  To have your child’s perspective published in an interview, contact me at admin [at] diefooddye [dot] com.

Guest Bloggers and Interviews with Dye-Sensitive Kids

My First Dye-Free Mother’s Day And First Interview With A Dye-Sensitive Kid!!!  Entertaining audio interview with dye-sensitive kid.

Interview With A Dye-Sensitive Teen:  Connor  Awesome perspective from a teen boy who’s been allergic to dyes all his life.

All Natural And All Happy – Guest Post By Jen Breitfeller  How Jen got her little boy to sleep…finally.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Candy – Guest Post By Heather Burt  “Bat. Guano. Crazy.”

That’s The Way The Cupcake Crumbles – Guest Post By Steph Emerson  Red velvet cupcake and M&Ms = Who’s kid is this?

Seeing Red And Going Green Aren’t Always What You Think: Our Journey Away From Food Dye – Guest Post By Kelly Cook  Kelly pieced together the clues to discover her adopted son’s food dye intolerance.

Will’s Rainbow Connection – Guest Post By Michele MacLennan  Why did this Kindergartener get sent to the principal’s office?  Michele solved the mystery.

Subtracting Additives: Guest Post By Robin Jingjit  Robin shared her story from her home in Thailand, about one son’s facial swelling and her other son’s seizures.

When Will The FDA Wake Up And Realize This Is A National Health Crisis?  Guest Post By Abby Egan  Abby wants to change the world, one family at a time

Asthma, Eczema, And Allergies…Oh Dye! Guest Post By Erin Deschene  Erin trusted her instincts after going through allergy tests and receiving little help.

What A Difference A Year Makes – Guest Post By Stacey  About THAT moment when your kid’s food sensitivity manifests itself in PUBLIC.

The Struggles Of Rylie – Guest Post By Michele M.  Her 9-year old daughter was physically and neurologically crippled because of food dyes.  The cures prescribed by doctor after doctor didn’t help, and even made it worse.  Please share this one!


…even we skeptics, who have long doubted parental claims of the effects of

various foods on the behavior of their children, admit we might have been wrong.  

– The editors of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ journal AAP Grand Rounds


My “Die, Food Dye!” Guest Posts Appearing Elsewhere

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Artificial Food Coloring – DFD Guest Post At Sortacrunchy  3 of these are mind boggling.

12 Things Everybody Ought To Know About Artificial Food Coloring – DFD Guest Post At HappyHippieRose Trying to conceive?


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