Random Musings on Fake Food Coloring

Medicine, pets, candy, and shopping with a dye-aware kid…

Balm For The Soul:  How I Survive Cold And Flu Season Without Artificial Food Coloring  Cures can be worse than the sickness.

Shopping A La Cart Voyeur  Hilarious take on shopping with a dye-aware child.

Video Review Of All Natural “Unreal Candy”  Taste test and ingredients of these non-synthetic knock-offs of Reese’s, M&Ms, Snickers, and Milky Way.

Petrol Peas:  Food Coloring Hidden In Shelf Staples  Funny take on a scary thought.

Caramel Coloring Sounds Sweet But It’s Not – It’s A Carcinogenic Food Additive  “Ammonia caramel” and truth in labeling.

Pets Peeved: Sneaky Additives In Pet Foods  What’s *really* in your pet’s food.


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