Our Story

Think your child’s behavior may be related to food allergies?

Here’s our story…

Why I’m Over This Rainbow:  Our Food Coloring Sensitivity Story  True story…

Life On The Other Side Of The Rainbow:  How Food Coloring Elimination Changed Our Child’s Behavior  Life after food dyes.

My Rainbow Connection –  My Own Reactions To Food Coloring  Spray tan Hell in the Happiest Place On Earth.

Food Mood:  Do Adults Need Behavior Charts Too?  Um, yes.  Find out which natural food made me pass out.

The Proof Is In The Pudding:  My Two-Week Food Mood Log Results  The affects of my food log…and banana pudding.

Just Write  Our first dye-free birthday party, mermaids, floods, pirates, and thoughts about DFD’s future…

Why I Blog:  Inspiration In Black And White (And A Few Rainbows)  Nay-sayers and muses.

Hindsight, Regret, & This Dye-Free Parent’s Learning Curve  See which natural colorant made me all aggro.


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