Start Here: The Basics!

Do you have a child who’s sensitive to food dyes? Aren’t sure?

Either way, this is the place…

Get further help from experienced dye-free families in the Die, Food Dye! Discussion Forum.

Symptoms, Ingredients, Labels, and Shopping Help

12 Signs Your Family Has Food Coloring Sensitivity  Do you or your kids have some of these symptoms after ingesting food dyes?

Scientific Research on the Effect of Synthetic Food Dyes  Share these studies and a powerful quote with your family and friends.

Colorful Language:  How To Identify Petroleum Colors In Food  Names of dyes and where they’re used.

Revamp Your Pantry In 3 Easy Steps & Ditch The Food Coloring For Good!  Easy peasy instructions for getting started.

10 Places Petroleum Food Dyes Hide In Your Home  You may be surprised by a few of these…

Devil In The Details: Read Your Labels When Shopping For Dye-Free Foods  Why reading labels is good, but education is better.

Badditives:  Non-Nutritive Food Additives To Avoid  Printable – and looks great on smartphone or tablet!

Printable Shopping Cheat Sheet For the Kids (4 per page)  Easy lists of additives to avoid.

My Trader Joe’s Shopping List  Feel like dancing?  Now you’ll have more time to do just that, thanks to Joe!

” Food dye consumption per person has increased 

fivefold in the United States since 1955.

– Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks (Center For Science In The Public Interest)


Surviving Holidays, Vacation, Camps, and Family


Getting A Head Start On Dye-Free Summer Vacations  Must-see checklist before you plan your next trip!

Guide To Summer Camps Without Food Coloring  Send your camper off with confidence!

No Love Lost:  Our First Valentine’s Day Free Of Petroleum Food Coloring  Classic love triangle.

Feeling Lucky?  Five Dye-Free Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day  Save the testicles!!!

Have A Colorful Easter Without Artificial Food Dye  Ideas for dying eggs naturally and keeping kids generally happy.

Our First Dye-Free Easter  Results of tradition-tweaking!

To Dye For:  Halloween Isn’t So Scary Without Food Coloring  Our first dye-free Halloween was the BEST!

Traditions That Make Your Kid Blue – Avoiding Food Coloring All Year  When feasts call, answer with confidence.

One Moveable Feast:  Serve Up Organic Meals Without Blowing Your Budget Tips from 30 sites for organic on the cheap.

Tears And Fears:  Grandparents’ Guide To Dye-Sensitive Grandkids  Find out what common grand-foods to never give your kid.


Want more?

School Food  Posts about managing food sensitivities with school lunch and special events.

My Stories  A collection of my perspectives along the way.

Guest Blogger Stories  I collect parents’ stories and interviews with dye-sensitive kids!  You NEED to read these.

Take Action!  What can you do now?

Random Musings on Fake Food Coloring  Silly, scary, useful.




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