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“The Stir” wrote about my petition to #DitchTheDyes from children’s antibiotics, allergy and cold medicines, vitamins, and toothpaste!

The Feingold Association

Feingold Program 4 Us (Yahoo support group)

Center For Science In The Public Interest (CSPI)

The Food Intolerance Network

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit – Australia

CSPI Sample Letter To Representatives

CSPI Publication, “Food Dyes: A Rainbow Of Risks”

CSPI Parent Report Form About Food Dye Reactions

CSPI Urges FDA To Ban Artificial Food Dyes Link To Behavior Problems – CSPI

Chemical Cuisine – CSPI

Foods Containing FD&C Red Dye 40

Brits Get Treats, Americans Get Tricks… – CSPI

UK Foodlaw News – Dept. of Food and Nutritional Services, University of Reading, UK

Twin Studies Reveal Food Additives Effect – BBC News

Additives DO Harm Children – And A Ban Could Cut Child Hyperactivity By A Third, Say Scientists – Daily Mail

FSA Advice To Parents On Food Colours And Hyperactivity – Food Standards Agency

Modernising The Rules On Food Additives And Labeling Of Azo Dyes – European Parliament

Where Does Blue Food Dye Come From? – Scientific American

It’s Not Just Obesity:  The Story Of The Blue Slushie – Dr. Susan’s Better School Food Blog

Want To Know What’s In Your Food? There’s An App For That – Daily Finance

How To Dye Clothes Using Natural Methods – The Ecologist

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Food Coloring – Wikipedia

Food Additive “E Numbers” on Labels

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Young Reader’s Edition – Civil Eats

How Food Companies Fool Consumers – Natural News

Food Dyes Impair Performance Of Hyperactive Children On A Laboratory Learning Test – Science Magazine

How To Stay A Foodie Family On Food Stamps – Civil Eats

Food Stamps For Fast Food?  Yum, Say Restaurants – Daily Finance

Finally Revealed: Processed Food Rebates Dominate School Cafeterias – The Slow Cook

Improving School Food Overview

School Food Focus

Farm To School Program

Food Coloring Laws –

Food Ingredients And Colors – FDA

Grist Magazine

Studies On Dyes

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