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I’m Rebecca, quippy mother of one dye-sensitive child, living in the deep South. I’m a purveyor of mixed metaphors, hyphen-abuser, anthropology graduate, and Morning Joe fan. My interests include music, pop culture, art, vintage fashion, knitting, history, British humor, Taekwondo, children’s books, interior design, movies, clean eating, writing, and science.  Our lifestyle hasn’t been totally organic since my child was about three – but in the summer of 2011, I discovered her sensitivity to food dyes, so now I try to buy whole foods and all natural products (or attempt to make my own).

I believe that manufactured food dyes are harmful to all humans, whether they have a dye sensitivity or not. I was going to name this place something to do with rainbows, and I hadn’t planned on using such an assertive name as Die, Food Dye!…but the more I learned about food coloring, the more I liked this idea of progressive activist rather than passive victim. I think parents these days take their role as change agents very seriously.

I’m enthusiastic and persistent – when I get into something, I’m all in. I don’t wanna be the one in the backseat saying, “Are we there yet?!….Are we there yet???!!” I want to put parents and caregivers in the driver’s seat, steering this issue of non-nutritive “food” products that are marketed to children, with our voices and our dollars (See? Mixed metaphors, served up with a side of activism).

I want the laws in the US to change; I want petroleum food dyes to be banned from our foods and personal products; and I want this site to be a community where we can share our stories, ideas, and support.  Thanks for joining in the discussion!

To see my family’s stories, go here.  Or just dive right in to dye-free living with The Basics.

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