Monday Mashup! December 3, 2012

It’s December already?!  Noooooooo, surely not.  It’s early days yet, and I’m already stressed to my limit.  Probably from lack of sleep and stress from recent events.  

Bah Freaking Humbug.

I won’t even google that to see if I spelled it right.

As if we parents weren’t stretched thin enough all year, here comes another layer of anxiety to pile on.  It’s time to have a game plan for school parties, family gatherings, food traditions, and every single holiday related event around town, because inevitably all gatherings of more than one person involve food.  

Cookies.  Cider.  Candy canes.  Hot cocoa.  Limited-time-only milkshakes. Advent calendar treats.

For this month’s mashup, I want to hear from you guys about how you’ll handle all of these “opportunities for food reactions”.  School, family, friends, community events, and traditions.  Even this Elf On The Shelf that I’ve been hearing so much about (does s/he bring treats?).

Inspire me.  I need some holiday cheer…




3 Responses to “Monday Mashup! December 3, 2012”
  1. This year we’re unwrapping and reading a christmas book (library or our own, not new) each day for a special treat before bed. And instead of candies in the advent calendar, I put tiny ornaments and they each get to add one to the tree each night. (We already had these tiny ornaments, so it was easy and free.)

    One cool thing – my son’s preschool co-op asked if I can bring the snack for their last class day before Christmas.’ I am thrilled, because now I can make something that my boy can eat. ideas anyone?

    Oh and I dont think Elf on the shelf brings treats… we don’t have him, but I think he just gets into mischief each night while the kids are asleep.

    I was so surprised because my husband came home with two boxes of candy canes. He said the boys had asked for them to decorate with. He told them they had color and they wouldn’t able to eat them and they didn’t even care. They just wanted them for the fun of it for putting on the tree.
    yourfriendrobin recently posted..Another reason, another season, for making cookies.My Profile

  2. Kelly says:

    This time of year I don’t leave the house without dye-free candy canes in my purse. That way I have alternatives ready when well meaning people offer candy to the kids. I’ve also stocked up on safe snacks they can bring to school for the parties. Found a lot of cool looking things at trader joes yesterday. I also find a lot of dye-free Christmas themed snacks at Aldis. Pretty much anything coming from Germany or Poland is safe.

  3. Michelle says:

    First of all, I am revamping our Christmas Eve menu. I play host to about 50 of my husband’s family members. They are going to be a bit surprised to see new foods on the table without cheesy sauces and casseroles that you can’t actually tell there are vegetables inside.

    I have not heard anything from school regarding parties. This is our first year at this school so we are still finding our way around all of the food rules. To my surprise, they did not offer a Halloween or Thanksgiving party, so that may be the same for winter break. My kids know to avoid anything red or suspecting of dye. Now what they choose away from me is their decision, but I will certainly know by their behavior and skin. I only hope for the best that they make wise choices in my absence.

    We have made hot cocoa a few times already, but used pure cocoa and organic cane sugar. Cookies will be made by me so I know exactly what we are eating. I might try using spelt instead of whole wheat.

    The main challenge is school.

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