The New “Die, Food Dye!” Discussion Forum Is Here!

The NEW DFD Discussion Forum is GO!  Come on over and camp out for some free support, ideas, and dye-free camaraderie!

For months I’ve been wanting to provide an organized place for dye-sensitive families to hook up and share what they know.  The fast-growing DFD Facebook page has proven to me that there is a need for this kind of connection.  I remember feeling really lost when we first started living dye-free.

In the DFD Discussion Forum, you’ll find categories for just about everything you need, like:  Special events, school food, treating accidental exposure, shopping, safe restaurants/dishes, traveling dye-free, dye-free snack replacements, activist resources, crafts, recipes, deals/coupons, books, and online resources.  

It’s always there for you, whenever you need it.  Just think of it as your red emergency phone when you feel like you’re lost in the woods.  AND it’s all searchable, no geocaching necessary!

How To Use The Forum

Register, log in, and read the common-sense Forum Rules located in the Announcements forum (see “Read This First!”).  Once you register, some extra hidden forums will magically appear, such as Introductions, Rant & Support, Celebrations & Shameless Brags, Off Topic, and Meet-ups.  Guests who aren’t registered will not be able to see those forums.  Post something about yourself in the Introductions forum.  

You can easily access the latest unread posts by clicking the icon in the upper right that says “(number) topics with unread posts” (located under the Members, Profile, and Logout buttons).  Ask questions in any category, and someone is likely to have helpful information for you.  Try searching your subject before posting, because it may have been discussed and answered here previously.  Use the edit button next to your post if you need to make changes after posting.

And most of all – It is what you make it, so post often!  

Share this special place with all of your dye-curious friends who are searching for more information about food coloring problems.  The more people we have using this resource, the better off we all are! Power in numbers, and all that good stuff.

Send any comments and suggestions about the forum to me at admin[at]diefooddye[dot]com.

2 Responses to “The New “Die, Food Dye!” Discussion Forum Is Here!”
  1. And if you check their facebook page with plenty of people giving their ideas and having discussions there, it does make it seem only logical to put up an official forum for them. Sort of like a free service thing, but it’s a win-win situation where everyone gets a benefit. Thanks for sharing the information on registry.

  2. William Simpson says:

    My granddaughter aged 8 is having quite a bit of trouble in school. Both her regular teacher and her tutor believe that she has adhd. One suggested that we get medication for her, the other suggests that we change what she is eating. I would rather not go the medication route. I my self take stratera, plus other meds to keep me focused on a day to day basis. Please help us, we really do want to stay away from the drugs if at all possible. We consider our granddaughter to be very smart, but has a hard time staying focused. She has a great imagination, learning to play the piano, plays well with other children. If there is noone to play with she just goes and she likes to build things, with lego products and just about anything she can find. She has build many bridges across tables, chairs, and anything else she can find.

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