My First Dye-Free Mother’s Day and First Interview With A Dye-Sensitive Kid!!!

This has been the best Mother’s Day yet thanks to our dye-free lifestyle (well, except for that first one several years ago!).  How good was it?  Well, let me start by comparing it to last Mother’s Day…

Once upon a time in 2011, a wonderful man decided to give his wife a day to herself, so he took their daughter out for some fun on Mother’s Day.  This man, who had a good heart, fed the child many sweet treats.  It’s what he does.

The man took the child to the Land of Carvel, where rainbow sprinkles rain down upon the swirled mountains, “lemonade” flows freely, and gummy bears are plentiful (if not easy to chew…they’re not native to the cooler climes).  The man and little girl laughed, played, and acted as normal as is reasonable for them.

Then the man took the child home to surprise her mother and make plans for even more outings…But dark, stormy clouds had gathered over the child’s head as soon as she caught sight of her loving mommy.  It seemed that a slight change of plan was just too much for the otherwise easygoing child to handle.  She set her sights on her mommy.  Within minutes, the child was screaming awful things such as “I hate you!” and “You’re the worst mommy in the world!” and “You’re not my mommy any more!”  Doors were slammed.  Tears poured.  Mommy’s heart was broken.

It may sound over dramatized, but sadly, I did not embellish this story (not really).   It was one of those days that you desperately wish you could rewind and do over.  But at the time, we had NO clue what had flipped our daughter’s switch.  I mean what kid could possibly be that miserable after such a fun day?!

This year our first all natural Mother’s Day celebration was the complete opposite, I’m happy to report.  Any day (especially holiday) that I’m still breathing and able to type, that’s a plus.  Our daughter was an absolute dream…so kind, thoughtful, helpful, and complimentary of mommy all day long.  We had a delicious brunch at our neighborhood locavore spot.  It was pouring down rain and very gray, yet our moods were cheery.  We then changed from fancy outfits to our PJ’s and lounged together for the rest of the day. 

It was totally peaceful and relaxing.  And it was NOT without sweet treats either – my daughter ate waffles (and practically drank maple syrup from the little cup) and my husband brought us an all natural German chocolate cake from Whole Foods bakery (which pretty much didn’t make it to the next night).  And he even made our girl a chocolate banana smoothie for dessert.  Right before bedtime.  Have I mentioned?…It’s what he does.  Still, all was peace.

I was spoiled enough by my loves with the feast, cake, gorgeous fluffy flowers, handmade soap, a bottle of wine, and four vinyl records I wanted.  But the most fun I had yesterday, was interviewing my daughter, Indira, about food dyes.  I have looked all over the web for children’s own words on what it’s like to have an allergy to food coloring, but I could never find anything. 

I’m so excited about my blog’s first recorded “guest spot” from the perspective of a dye-sensitive child.  <– Click away!  This link takes you to a page where you can click on the file name “InterviewWithIndira”.  I’m pleased to offer this for others who may be searching.  It’s an mp3 file, runs approximately 22 minutes, and contains an inordinate amount of hand-clapping and general TMI (so it may take a few moments to load).

Can I just say that my child is a ham?  I had a super hard time holding back fits of laughter.  My mom would appreciate this – our girl reminds me of her, with her checkout line schtick.  Chattiness runs deep in our family – I don’t think she actually needed us to even be in the room, ha!  I swear this was un-edited, un-coached, and un-paid (you’ll see what I mean when you hear her shameless plugs!). 

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

…And to you, too!  I hope your day was peaceful and fun, and I hope you enjoy this little audio gift as much as I did.  Please let your kids listen to this interview.  Share it with anyone you know who has kids.  I hope it will let them know that they are normal, their bodies are smart, and they (and you parents) are not alone.

And there are more to come…soon I’ll post up an interview with a dye-sensitive teen, who talks honestly about his worst dye exposure.  If you know anyone who is interested in being interviewed or sharing their story through a guest blogging piece, please send me an e-mail message.  In the future I hope to have several podcasts available (I promise they won’t sound as goofy as this one).


(Walking) On Air. Photo Credit: curtis.pennington

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