Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Artificial Food Coloring – DFD Guest Post at SortaCrunchy

What a week!  I’ve met SO many folks who have first-hand experience with food coloring sensitivity, after doing a guest post entitled “Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Artificial Food Coloring” on a friend’s site.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friend Megan, blogger at Sorta Crunchy, writer for Simple Kids, and parenting book author.  She is helping me to spread awareness about adverse affects of synthetic food dyes in our foods, beverages, drugs, and personal care products.  She is funny, wise, humble, generous, and thoughtful.  THANK YOU, MEGAN!

You MUST go check out her beautiful blog at www.sortacrunchy.net – I cannot wait to read her book about gentle parenting this coming Spring!

The issue of getting synthetic food dyes out of our food system is my passion – I am more than happy to chat about it and to help you in any way I can!  If you need something just give me a shout at admin[at]diefooddye[dot]com.  You can also connect with other dye-sensitive folks on the Facebook fan page, and get daily updates and food coloring facts on Twitter.

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