Shopping Spies: StoreBot Wants YOU!

This is StoreBot.

(Get it? Store…bot…store-bought…yeah). 

Try to ignore the fact that he has “soup” written across his…chassis.

He needs your help finding weird, hilarious, and ridiculous food labels!  Anytime you go grocery shopping, take a pic of something that catches your eye – such as misleading marketing, bad ingredients, questionable claims, or just funny food.  Healthy finds are always needed too!

Send pictures to admin[at]diefooddye[dot]com, and StoreBot will show off your inspiring photog skills right here on the blog for all the world to see!

And feel free to share this with your friends!  StoreBot is always recruiting…

I had a lot of fun brainstorming and photographing this dude.  He’s so easy to work with, what a pro.  And yes, I talked to him the whole time.  It’s a mom thing…we talk to everything in a sing-song voice for years after our babies are no longer appreciative of our narration.

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