Monday Mashup! November 28, 2011

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TODAY’S QUESTION:  If you decorate for the holidays, WHEN do you start?  Are you the early bird who starts before Thanksgiving, or perhaps the day after Thanksgiving? Or do you wait until the holidays are closer?

Here are your answers:

“Growing up we always decorated the week before Christmas and the tree came down a day or 2 after. When my husband and I bought our first house, we started decorating right after Thanksgiving. We’ve made it part of our tradition…though I’m not sure setting up this early with a rambunctious 18 month old in the house was a good idea…lol.” –  Sara @

“Well, I’m in Northern Ireland as you know! 🙂 Technically, I put my decorations up on Thanksgiving this year!! Mainly because I was bullied by my kids…normally, I will allow them to put the tree up on 25th November- I reckon a month before Christmas is fair game. I can totally understand why most people in the UK prefer to leave Christmas for December though. I couldn’t believe the tv ads for Christmas the day after Hallowe’en! :)” – Suzy @

“Just me at my house. No decorations required.” – Denise

And my own answer…We usually put up decorations within a week or two after Thanksgiving.  We are terrible planners, over-bookers and under-acheivers…always woefully unprepared.  We end up grabbing a tree at the nearest place way too close to our child’s bedtime, forget to retrieve the tree stand and ornaments out of the storage unit, nearly kill it, and then take days and days to slowly decorate it.  I once kept a “live” tree until February (very much a zombie tree at that point), just because we were too busy to be bothered.  We like to stretch out our good times. 🙂


2 Responses to “Monday Mashup! November 28, 2011”
  1. Just me at my house. No decorations required.

    • Indie Mama says:

      Good point, it’s so much easier to drive around town and see which neighbor has the craziest yard. One year a neighbor had lights all over the house and yard that would flash in sections, in sync with some LOUD music…Mannheim Steamroller…yeah baby…but I don’t think they had small kids living at the house. They just had SPIRIT out the ying yang, LOL.

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