Monday Mashup! November 14, 2011

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Here are the results of my first Monday Mashup! Today’s question was:  What was your favorite holiday treat as a kid?

“Toaster strudels! We had them EVERY Christmas morning when I was growing up, a very special treat that we very much looked forward to b/c we didn’t really get them any other day throughout the year. =) My favorite were the Blueberry ones!” – Jaimie


“Cadbury creme eggs :)” – Robin of The Not-Ever-Still Life


“Cadbury Cream Eggs (esp the orange flavored ones) at Easter are my go to treat. At Christmas I love those Tobler Chocolate Oranges and the never fail fudge that my FIL makes every year.” – Sara of Sarandipity


AND…my own answer?  I’m afraid it just wasn’t Christmas without finding a candy cane shaped plastic tube of green and red M&Ms in my stocking!  I used to love shaking that thing like a maraca.  It was a sad day when the candies ran out.  What to do with that empty cane tube thingy? I wish the dye-free Nestle Smarties or Sun Drops peeps would come up with a similarly festive-shaped tube thingy for my daughter and I this year.  If you see one, please let me know!

Check back next Sunday for the Monday Mashup question, and get some free link love!  THANKS for playing!



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    • Indie Mama says:

      Thanks! I’ve placed the Feingold link in my blogroll on the main page, lower right sidebar. Both of these links also appear in the top tab under Resources/Helpful Links.

      If you have FaceBook, go check out today’s Monday Mashup question and leave your answer there in a FB comment, along with your personal or business web site address, so I can give you some linky love here tomorrow! 🙂

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